So, You’re Thinking Of Becoming A Writer…


There is a lot of advice around about starting a career as a writer of children’s books, but here are my two golden rules.


Read! Read! Read!

Read lots of different types of books & heaps of books in the area you would like to write in. This helps you to get to know what the publishers are looking for and what appeals to that particular audience. Keep a reading journal with notes about styles and ideas that you like, what makes you laugh & what makes you cringe.

Write! Write! Write!

spider-and-bookWhen it comes to writing, practice makes perfect. Write short stories, long stories, jokes and even poems. All writers polish their work, so don’t throw away that story because you think it is no good, file it as a draft and come back to it another time.

Let it swim around in your head for a few weeks and then look at it with fresh eyes. I have some stories hidden away that are so bad the ink is literally trying to scratch itself off the page.

So remember … it doesn’t matter if you’re 9 . . .




. . . or you’re 90!



If you love writing, all you need to do to become a writer is . . .


Start Writing!


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