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Living Next to Dr Death.

A great new book for middle grade readers.

After moving to a new town, the main character, Skeet, quickly learns that good friends are hard to find, bad friends are hard to lose and strange friends might be right next door. As his school holiday quest to prove his elderly neighbour is a villain unfolds, Skeet learns that looks can be deceiving as foe becomes friend and danger wears a smile. Creepy as he is, Dr Death is not the scariest thing living next door after all!


Available in all good book stores.

A great new novel for middle grade fiction readers – out now! Available from all good book stores or contact me for a personally signed copy, $15 pp. ISBN:9780648177401


the-hair-ballThe Hair Ball – by Spider Lee

The people of Perkin have long been renownedsmall-spider
for long, flowing locks reaching down to the ground.
But without any jobs to earn them their keep,
the future of Perkin looks terribly bleak!small-spider

With unemployment in the small township of Perkin running at an all-time high, the Mayor needs a miracle!

Shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards, The Hair Ball is a story of resourcefulness. A lesson in how to make use of what you have to create your own success.

This delightfully illustrated picture storybook is suitable for 5 to 8 year olds and is available in paperback at $15, as well as hardback $17 pp.



Wobbly Boots bookWobbly Boots – by Spider Lee

Mum and I think Dad is terrific.

He’s tall … handsome, (so Mum says) and he’s funny too.small-spider
There’s only one thing we don’t love about him, his WOBBLY BOOTS!
Those wobbly boots cause us nothing but worry.

Wobbly Boots is a sensitively written story about a young child trying to understand the changing moods of his father. A helpful book to encourage children to share their feelings about the adults in their lives.

Picture story book suitable for 5 to 8 year olds, $19.95.
<> or from the author.


Check Out Spider’s Fabulous Mind Movies Volume 1 and 2

If you’re looking for online stories for kids, then look no further.

Mind Movies™ are an innovative big-spidercreation combining the art of imaginative storytelling and music. Designed to promote personal creativity, each track invites you to mentally craft your own unique world where you become the main character.

This modern take on storytelling provides around half an hour per album of much needed down time and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, again and again. Perfect for in the car, relaxation, quiet time or winding down before bed.

The gentle acoustic guitar solo on each track allows time for your imagination to roam free, creating in the recesses of a quiet mind, a world that is entirely of your own making.

Mind Movies Volume 1 is perfect for children aged 10-16 with scenarios which prompt older children to safely explore issues of self-acceptance, stress management and positive creativity. Promoting inner calm and positive self-reflection, Mind Movies™ are perfect for taking a break from screen time or winding down in preparation for a peaceful sleep.


Mind Movies Volume 2 is perfect for children aged 4-10 where a gentle story telling voice creates opportunities for adventures beneath the ocean or into outer space. Sound effects add depth to imaginings as you picture yourself walking through crystal laden caves and exploring strange new lands.

Check Out Mind Movies On iTunes Nowbig-spider

Mind Movies™ are available as albums or individual tracks from 99¢ on iTunes <>

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