What can Spider do?


animated-spider-image-0185Although I have only two legs, instead of the usual eight, I can do a lot of things other spiders can’t, like write great children’s books & ride a bike! I love to cook & I’m possibly the only vegetarian spider as most other spiders eat their insectivorous friends.

I’m a poet & have had poetry published in the Prints Rhyming anthology, The School Magazine & I’ve even won some cool prizes for my poems.

I have published 2 picture books called Wobbly Boots’ & ‘The Hair Ball, both of them rhyme … ‘cause at the time … it seemed divine … to rhyme each line. I also love to draw, paint, sculpt, write, read and play guitar, but not all at the same time, that would be silly … & dangerous!

Wobbly Boots Best Kids Book

Wobbly Boots

The Hair Ball

The Hair Ball


 If you would like to find out what Wobbly Boots And The Hair Ball are all about,

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